Myself and Mike took a walk round with Robin Dalton(who is the lead on the working party) on Saturday to check on the areas we were going to clear ie: the 2nd lagoon area , unfortunately its under water which is too deep to work in, however we have another area in mind which will be the Sphagnum Bog , some work was done last year and we would like to clear some more of the willow /birch /and beech whilst trying to keep the oaks that are there . LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL THERE . meeting in the fisherman’s car park 9-30am till 3pm , the area is to the right hand side nearest to the fishing lake between the river and canal and hopefully will be marked.
Wellingtons will be needed along with gloves. If you intend to stay until the afternoon then bring something to eat and drink.

yours GWH